I write songs and perform live, both by myself and together with the producer and musician Ivan Landinez (Indiezito). In our act we mix my acoustic songs with Ivan’s electronic tracks.

Here is a live performance at the Alias theatre in Stockholm, Dec 17th 2021.

My previous band Amaliar was active for about 10 years until we ended playing in 2019. We played chill indie rock with a touch of soul. The sound is deep, mellow and melodic and can be related to rock bands from the 70′s and 90′s. 2 May 2019 we released our album “Oh!”.

Amaliar is published under the Stockholm based indie label “El Sol y la Luna Music” and produced by Natalie “Katten” Knutzen. This is our video for the single “Something greater”.

“Amaliar is a must listen band from across the globe […] They bring an enigmatic and truthful nature with their lyrics, it’s like poetry but more reachable and relatable for our ears.”

Wolf in a suit, US blog

“Swedes Amaliar are making soul-soothing indie rock that oozes cool. […] They make music which is impressively poetic given that English is not their native tounge. […] “Hang on”, seems to take influence from late 1980′s work by The Pixies in bringing together a mixture of soft and distinct sounds, leading to an overall sound which is both laid back and absorbing.”

Never Enough Notes, UK blog