I write songs and perform with my band Amaliar. We play chill indie rock with a touch of soul. The sound is deep, mellow and melodic and can be related to rock bands from the 70′s and 90′s. 2 May 2019 we released our first album “Oh!”.

We’re on the Stockholm based indie label “El Sol y la Luna Music” and produced by Natalie “Katten” Knutzen. This is our latest music video for the single “Something greater” reached more than 40 000 views on Youtube.

“Amaliar is a must listen band from across the globe […] They bring an enigmatic and truthful nature with their lyrics, it’s like poetry but more reachable and relatable for our ears.”

Wolf in a suit, US blog

“Swedes Amaliar are making soul-soothing indie rock that oozes cool. […] They make music which is impressively poetic given that English is not their native tounge. […] “Hang on”, seems to take influence from late 1980′s work by The Pixies in bringing together a mixture of soft and distinct sounds, leading to an overall sound which is both laid back and absorbing.”

Never Enough Notes, UK blog